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Margaret McMahon

Margaret McMahon

Marialana Ardolino
Marialana Ardolino

Margaret McMahon
Vice President
Marla Gotay

Maryjo Tipaldo
MaryJo Tipaldo

Our Mission

“The purpose and mission of NCT, as stated in our bylaws, is “to further and promote the production of theatrical plays, musicals, pageants, community dramas, operas, and scenarios, by non- professional actors and actresses.” Its other purpose is “to encourage and solicit the support of the community in this endeavor in order to promote the study, improvement and advancement of the arts for the cultural benefit of the community.”

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Board Members

Dawn Barry
Ann Gubiotti
Susan Huizinga
Pat Knutsen
Mickey Sullivan
Frank Togni
Michael Vitucci

About NCT

Narrows Community Theater, Inc. (NCT) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization incorporated in 1975, having produced a minimum two shows a year since 1971. Our activities and shows are open to the general public.  In 2011 NCT will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary producing musical and non-musical theater. In recent years we have added both summer youth productions and a fully staged Christmas show to our regular season.

In addition to our shows, NCT offers opportunities to learn stage craft, musical theater performance, acting technique, dance, team work and the “business of show business”.  In August 2006 NCT initiated a series of workshops designed to help our members and the public enhance their performing arts craftsmanship. We currently offer children and adult theater dance classes as well as singing and acting workshops.

NCT has a built-in, loyal audience who either live and/or work in the Bay Ridge area. A large portion of our audience is made up of senior citizens. NCT is able to offer them quality entertainment at a reasonable price.

NCT is grateful for the support of our elected officials all these years, and especially in these times of budget cuts. Last year we saw a 75% decrease in funding. We appeal to the Bay Ridge Community and local businesses to fill the vacuum and contribute tax-deductible dollars to support performing arts.

Membership is open to the public.
Anyone who is 18 years of age or older can join Narrows Community Theater and there are no age restrictions for performers. We are always looking for volunteers to help behind the scenes.

Nurturing Talent
One of the unique aspects of Narrows Community Theater is its commitment to nurturing local talent. It gives community members an outlet to perform, direct, choreograph, stage manage, etc., because of its ground-roots development of our volunteers. We are very proud of our organic processes where Brooklyn residents become part of our family; and in return, committed and contributing members of the community.

Public Service Provided
Narrows Community Theater has been proud to service the public for 40 years by enjoining Bay Ridge and Brooklyn Residents to become a part of our family either as a member, a performer, a back stage volunteer or general volunteer. We offer opportunities to learn stage craft, musical theater performance, acting technique, dance, team work and the business of show business to the public.

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